Silver Spoons & Bells couldn’t provide great service to its clients if it wasn’t for all the great vendors who help make it all happen behind the scenes. Each vendor plays an important character of the final production we call “The Event!”

It is the talent and dedication of these wonderful agencies that help make all our events possible. Each vendor possessing skills to help put the pieces of the event together like a giant puzzle. When all the pieces of the puzzle fit, it makes a work of art we call a successful event!

If you’re a dedicated vendor who loves the idea of being several steps ahead of the game, working with a planner who respects the work you do and regards you as valuable team member… Then I see a beautiful relationship on the horizon.

Please contact me using the below form, I look forward in meeting with you and talking about your business passions. I would love to place you on my list of preferred vendors here on my website.*

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*The preferred vendor list is a privately maintained, curated list of vendors and service providers. We reserve the right to organize, classify or omit vendors as we see fit. If you would like your listing removed, email us at: We may contact you for more details on your business before adding you to the directory. Additions are not automated, submitting multiple requests will not speed up your listing.

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